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Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2017 is rapidly approaching and we’re already getting excited. This year feels a little different, though. Unlike past shows which have showcased the biggest brands in the business, this year's exhibition will also highlight rising stars. On full display will be up-and-comers that deserve recognition for bringing products to the front line that stress quality ingredients and distinctiveness.

These ten brands are at the top of the list of companies we'll be visiting this year. And you should too.

1. Amika

Participants this year are going to see how much Amika has diversified its products in the industry. In particular, their Blowout Babe Thermal Brush is getting a lot of attention. And no surprise. It allows users to evoke the blowout look without the use of a hot air or blow dryer. Amika is driven by the philosophy that haircare and styling tools are meant to compliment your unique look and lifestyle. Look for Amika to turn heads in Las Vegas. If you've been to Vegas before, you know this is no easy feat.

2. Namaste Laboratories

Of course, Namaste Laboratories will turn out in Las Vegas to show off their ORS Hair Care line. The Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) was first launched in 1998 and has grown in popularity with people who want healthy hair from the roots up . They will be on full display this year, so watch for popular favorites as well as new products.

3. Plantlife Natural Body Care

More than just a color, going green represents a philosophy of working with nature and natural products. Plantlife Natural Body Care, which takes pride in its strong eco-consciousness, produces products using 100% pure essential oils and organic herbs. As this trend has grown exponentially the past few years, Plantlife can expect a lot of interest this July.

4. BodyBoom

BodyBoom is all about fun. They make body scrubs with natural ingredients like brown sugar, Robusta coffee, almond oil, Vitamin E and pink Himalayan salt. Created in Poland, BodyBoom’s claim to fame is its ability to help users fight cellulite and stretch marks. Their Coffee Scrub has already been recognized by thousands of customers and beauty bloggers. Check them out!

5. Klara Cosmetics

Based in Australia, Klara Cosmetics is probably traveling the furthest to make it to Las Vegas this year. This cosmetics innovator sees 100% color pigmentation as its main selling point, and its founder, Klara Sabotkoski, deserves the recognition she gets as a trailblazer in cosmetics. The company says its line of "hyper pigmented formulas allow a three dimensional look that make eyes sparkle and lips pop." You will see for yourself at the show.

6. Beauty Treats

As a wholesaler, Beauty Treats offers top quality makeup products at reasonable prices to fashion retail chains, mass chain stores, drugstores/pharmacies, beauty supply stores, supermarkets, and specialty boutiques. From eyes, lips, face, nails and hair, and body products, Beauty Treats is a supplier of all, providing products for all ages and skin types. They're also continuously developing a wide-array of innovative cosmetics, so we're sure to see interesting new products.

7. Palladio Beauty

Palladio Beauty have been making colored cosmetics for over 20 years. This fun, exciting brand has established a consistent, loyal base of users in a crowded marketplace by balancing aesthetic results with healthy ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants. That seems like a winning strategy worth learning more about at the show.

8. Pili Ani

Straight out of the Philippines, Pili Ani is going to attract attention in July, and deservedly so. Their products are all derived from the ancient Pili tree which they say are “providing locals with livelihoods through the nuts, bark, pulp and even its leafy crown.” Add oil extraction and extensive research on skin care and you have today’s product. As one of the more unique products at this year's show, I'm sure Pili Ani will be on many people's must-see list.

9. Dr. Paw Paw

Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm has been a favorite in the UK for years. They're excited to be showing off their award-winning products in Las Vegas this year. Their multi-purpose balms can be used for relieving lips, hair, beauty finishing, and even for dry and irritated skin. Find out what all the fuss is about this July.

10. Aixallia

Sometimes the best solution is simplicity. French skin product producer Aixallia has developed formulas based on the doctrine  - and wisdom - of purity. They use natural ingredients like lavender, rose and sunflower that evoke the charm of the South of France. Plus, purified water they say is “one million times more pure than spring water." The globally-minded company also proudly supports charitywater.org, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

There's a wide variety of companies this year, each exploring and developing its own niche. We're always happy to meet up with our old favorites. This year we're thrilled to check out some young, exciting innovators, too. See you at the show!

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Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.