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During my 11-year tenure as Sales Manager for International Greetings PLC — a world leader in the giftware sector— I “worked the stand” at dozens of international trade shows.

What really struck me at these shows was how sales people would spend hours with their faces buried in order pads frantically taking orders by hand. This time consuming process meant other customers were kept waiting, becoming more and more frustrated while potential new business simply walked on by.

Here are 10 ways to improve performance at trade shows with Pepperi trade show mobile app:

  1. Activate Pepperi Mobile Storefront - With the Pepperi B2B eCommerce app installed on their own devices, your customers are able to view promotions or new product launches while travelling to the show (preferably not while driving). They can view and select products of interest and create a wish list to present to you at the show. By the time they get to your stand, they will require less of your time and free up your sales people to capture new business. Additionally, your customers can place their orders or re-orders at the stand, and you can use your sales team more efficiently, e.g. to direct customers to new products (both on the stand and on the app). A B2B order management system will allow you to process more customer orders during the show rather than spending hours processing orders for existing customers and missing new potential business. Advertise the app’s availability on the stand and encourage the use of self-service.
  2. Create “Item Order History” filters - This will enable you to process re-orders extremely quickly on the stand after you have focused on the number one priority of optimizing or increasing the number of SKU’s listed by the customer.
  3. Create show specials/clearance items - List these items under a relevant filter on the app and encourage your sales team to top off orders with these specials to increase order value — even if the customer reaches the point of “I give up... How much have I spent?”Consider creating a minimum spend for a customer to qualify for the show specials. Pepperi’s in-app inventory control will significantly reduce the scope of “oversold” problems for limited remaining stock SKU's.
  4. Adjust and optimize filters and their placement - These filters will guide your sales team through the trade stand presentation and ensure they follow the procedure you have found to be most effective in increasing listings and order size.You may wish to have filters in the following order: New Product in stock, New Product Forward Order, 9-Month Order History, Trade Show Specials.
  5. Create Wish Lists and Favorites Lists for your sales team pre-show - Wish lists will ensure that relevant products are shown to the appropriate customers automatically on opening their accounts, and this will increase order value. Favorites lists are available to your sales team no matter which customer they select. Create Favorites lists per customer type (e.g. wholesalers, department stores, high-end boutiques, etc.) and encourage your sales team to use them.
  6. Leave the confidential paperwork at the office - No more piles of customer split reports or inventory reports and price lists on the stand. Thefts/losses of this kind of sensitive material can be extremely damaging to the company. Pepperi’s customized BI dashboards and full mobile CRM history show your sales team all the information required to have smart and informed conversations with their customers.
  7. Use the “photo quotation” function - Photo quotations are great for customers who want to make a range selection but are missing a PO number or would like to come back to you on quantity.
  8. Activate the Trade Show function - This allows specific nominated trade show sales people to be able to access all accounts and to take orders for any colleague if and when required. This also enables them to use the mobile CRM functionality to make relevant notes against an account — e.g. Dean visited stand, loved the new crackers, asked for you to bring samples of the red ones when you visit him next week.
  9. Offer customers a printed order copy - Having the email confirmation in their inbox before they leave the stand is a useful and powerful facility but always ask the customer if they would like a printout of their order. Put it in a nice envelope to avoid these being left lying around with confidential pricing visible. This gives a welcome professional touch. Perhaps include a voucher offering a 5% discount for self-service orders made through the Mobile Storefront over the next month – or something similar.
  10. Have a dedicated employee greet customers and manage the schedule and record customer details - Take advantage of Pepperi's unmatched configuration capabilities to automatically capture visitors' information stored on their badge directly into Pepperi's new customer/lead form using a Bluetooth bar-code scanner. Your dedicated employee can even be given access to Pepperi’s back office to use the Activity Planning function to make appointments for sales staff, which will then appear on the individual sales persons’ calendar.  He or she can also send messages to individual sales team members via the app’s message center.

This is by no way an exhaustive list of the ways you can use Pepperi Sales Force Automation software to make the most of your participation at trade shows. The app is loaded with features that enable you to process more orders, more quickly and more efficiently at these often hectic but potentially very lucrative events, giving you a significant competitive edge for trade show success.


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About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.