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The end of summer marks the run up to one of the most important international eyewear events, Vision Expo West. Industry professionals from all over the world will soon head to Las Vegas in search of the best eyewear brands. Not sure which booth to check out? We’ve prepared a list of 11 brands you must see at Vision Expo West this September.

1. OGI Eyewear

OGI Eyewear recognized a gap in the market almost 20 years ago as demands for small, well-crafted, yet affordable frames continued to grow. The brand has come a long way since and has evolved into a fresh, sophisticated visionary that looks to innovate with frequent releases of new products.  The use of premium materials and close attention to detail are not to be missed at their Vision Expo West booth.

ogi eyewear frames - vision expo west 10 brands to watch


2. Bausch + Lomb

Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health organization, is solely focused on protecting, enhancing, and restoring people’s eyesight. The company specializes in contact lenses , ophthalmic surgical devices, and ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and is available in more than 100 countries. Its products are designed to make a significant difference for those who wear them, with maximal vision enhancement and protection, including advanced eyesight restoring solutions. Mark McKenna, Vice President and General Manager, Vision Care at Bausch + Lomb will be one of the expert speakers at Vision Expo.

bausch + lomb - vision expo west 10 brands to watch


3. Ray Ban

Mostly known for their classic and timeless designs that never go out of style, like the Aviator and Wayfarer. The brand continues to reinvent itself with modern innovations that portray its uniqueness and sense of style. Double bridge, foldable, and gradient flash lenses are among the styles you’ll find at their booth, alongside all-time favorites.

ray ban - vision expo west 10 brands to watch


4. Oakley

An international leader in sports optics offering custom made designs for golf, surfing, baseball, cycling, and more. Oakley’s cutting-edge technology strives to improve performance with HD polarized technology and high definition lenses that guarantee glare-free vision ensuring athletes enjoy better vision and can focus on the game with minimal distractions.

oakley - vision expo west 2016


5 ic! berlin

Ic! berlin designs and produces screwless sunglasses and glasses in the heart of Berlin. Each frame uses a one-of-a-kind patented hinge system, and together with top quality materials, ic berlin! glasses are nearly unbreakable. A quick glance at the ic berlin! booth will reveal the brand’s passion for eyewear, with its lightweight handcrafted designs that add extra style to anyone who chooses to wear them.

ic! berlin - vision expo west 2016


6. TOMS Eyewear

Rooted in social activism, the TOMS brand started the One For One® movement over 10 years ago; with every TOMS product purchased, the company gives back to a child in need. After successfully applying this model to shoewear, the company entered the eyewear field in 2011, helping restore the sight of 40,000 people in need with prescription glasses and medical treatment or surgery. The brand extends its impact with the support of sustainable eye care programs and training.

Toms Eyewear - vision expo west 2016


7. Ralph Lauren

Styles infuse vintage shapes with a modern, fashion consciousness-approach. You’ll see a fresh take on all the classics with bigger frames and sleek eyewear designs, colorful patterns, alongside the iconic and subtle shapes.

ralph lauren - vision expo west 2016


8. Dita

Dita is one brand that truly values craftsmanship and the art of producing fine eyewear that stands out. The brand’s uncompromising manufacturing methods can involve up to 320 separate steps over 8 months, which combine both traditional and modern techniques to produce the best products. You can expect to see luxurious frames crafted by masters that understand quality and design.

dita - vision expo west 2016


9. Dolce & Gabbana

The Italian brand has stayed true to its core values of exceptional artistry and dedication to luxury. In this year’s collection you’ll find Maiolica which pays tribute to the Dolce & Gabbana DNA by incorporating the vivid colors of Sicily. The Botanical Garden Collection is a twist on natural elements, and the Black Lace Collection embodies the brand’s expression of refined and detailed designs.

dolce gabbana eyewear - vision expo west 2016


10. DKNY

While the name needs no introduction, you’ll want to stop by this booth to discover its latest urban-chic designs that seem to capture New York City within two lenses and a frame. The brand has the ability to translate fashion and functionality to achieve a smart, easy going look, while staying true to its core quality values.



11. Matsuda

The brand that strives to create timeless pieces, each hand-crafted by hand using finest materials, including celluloid acetate, titanium, sterling silver, 18K solid gold, and 22.5K gold plating. What really sets Matsuda apart, however, is the craftsmanship, the intensely precise handwork, engraving and construction on ever pair of glasses.


Matsuda top 10


Stop by these booths at Vision Expo West and check out their latest designs and innovations. Which brands would be your top picks?

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Stacey Woods
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