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Sales order management software is considered an essential tool for brands and wholesalers who are looking to increase both their efficiency and mobility. The software shortens the sales order cycle considerably and provides a huge amount of business data giving you complete control.

What type of solution your business needs will depend on the individual needs and complexity of your company. What products you sell, your target market, how personalized your pricing is and more – all these factors will dictate which software will suit you best.

If you’re not currently using a sales order management system here are four warning signs you need to start looking for one:

1.      Your sales reps spend too much time searching for vital customer information

Is your customer information on paper spreadsheets and kept in filing cabinets? Do your staff know important pieces of information, but they’re stored in their head? Are your sales reps making too many calls to your office asking for customer details?

If so, you can do it better.

Sales order management software provides quick and easy access to all the customer and business data you need. It is provided from one place and available to all the relevant staff you choose to see it. No more calls to the office or poring over never-ending spreadsheets.

A mobile sales tool means information can be entered immediately, even when offline, and will automatically sync with your ERP or accounting system when a connection is reestablished.

2.      You are doing too much manual paperwork and using way too much paper

Paperwork and administration is the worst part of a sales rep’s job. They want to be out selling and not wasting time manually inputting data. But if the data isn’t input then the order won’t be processed, so it’s a must.

However, sales order management software allows every customer interaction to be captured straight into the system and automatically synced for immediate processing. No paperwork and no additional manual inputting required. And much more time for sales reps to visit more customers and sell your products!

We know that manual entry increases the risk of errors so eliminating it equals a sharp decrease in errors and your company is saved from rectifying potentially costly ordering mistakes. The whole order process is simplified and streamlined.

3.      Your customers are complaining

This is a huge red flag. Your customers bring the money, so you need to keep them happy and satisfied. If they are complaining they received the wrong order, if it is late, if they feel you don’t care about their custom, they will not buy from you again.

As consumers we want to track our purchases, and so do B2B buyers. It makes them feel in control. Thankfully, sales order management software allows your customers to feel in control. They can make immediate changes, they automatically receive an order confirmation email so they’re at ease knowing their order is being processed. They can track each purchase to find out when their order has shipped and when they can expect delivery. A much better customer experience for them and satisfied customers for you.

4.      You have no idea what inventory you have, or which products are your bestsellers

As your business grows, the amount of information you need will also grow and become increasingly hard to manage if you are still using manual methods.

Analyzing data is time-consuming and difficult when you have to wade through endless paperwork to collate different pieces of information and make it into something that makes sense. However, by using a mobile CRM system, each time an order is processed, the information is automatically captured and stored. This includes vital business information such as which of your products have been purchased, how many, by whom, any discounts applied, delivery and order dates and much more.

Once this data is stored it is available for analysis. Analyzing your business data is essential in helping you improve how you do business. You can access inventory, returns, shipping, customer visits, in fact everything your customers and sales reps are doing, helping you manage your team and manage your customers’ expectations.

So, make sure you look out for the above warning signs to ensure you know what your business needs.

About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.