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The game hunting and fishing industries are made up of enterprises that manufacture and distribute hunting, fishing and outdoor gear. With the advent ofhunting gear modern technology, it is now a much easier process for distribution sales reps to demonstrate their products and supplies to retailers everywhere; that has not always been the case as, due to their very nature, guns and ammunition can present a particular kind of challenge when it comes to sharing samples or demonstrating functionality.

Outdoor sporting gear, hunting accessories and shooting gear are comprised of a number of different product and apparel items to outfit the hunting and sport-shooting enthusiast. With everything from hand guns, rifles, bows and arrows, and knives, to khaki or camouflage apparel and sturdy footwear, the distribution representative typically has a large catalogue of items to share with buyers at retail outlets across the nation.

Outdoor enthusiast retail stores come in all sizes from small, family-business style shops to large retail sporting goods chains and, in addition to firearms and shooting equipment, they also generally carry outdoor gear like camping accessories and hunting stands or tree stands as well as decoys, scents, shooting glasses, blinds, scopes, range finders, ammunition and more.

Tackle and bait shops offer hundreds of products in different sizes, from small hooks to reels to large fishing rods and nets, suits, boots and more.Having all bait and tacklethose products easily displayed electronically with swift and simple ordering management can dramatically support sales.

In addition to a diverse catalogue of items for sale, the hunting industry and action-shooting industry come along with a bit of controversy, as well as some legal restrictions that vary according to region or state; also circumstantial markets tend to fluctuate according to current events. Sales representatives must, as a result, be able to provide retail buyers with industry news, as well as supply information that may pertain to the current market situation.

Staying abreast of the legal issues that affect the hunting and gaming industry differently in different regions or States has become a much simpler process as sales customer relationship management (CRM) system applications are now easily accessible on tablets and can help sales reps keep relevant notes on hand so that they can advise their customers accordingly.

For example, in the aftermath of the most recent shooting school incident early in 2013, there was an extreme, nationwide rush on ammunition due to rumors of the possibility a government embargo on weapons and ammunition; the result has been countrywide ammunition rationing and some stores have run out of ammunition completely as manufactures have simply not been able to keep up with demand. “We have established a limit of one box per customer, two if you purchase a new firearm,” said the general manager of one small outdoor game hunting chain. 

hunting shopIn addition to that, restrictions and laws change frequently about what can and cannot be sold. “It seems like we receive a different interpretation daily about what can be sold. Distributors are becoming more helpful in finding inventory that’s legal to stock, but it’s highly complicated,” said the owner of another, smaller, privately-owned retail store.

Those distributor sales reps have been able to be “more helpful in finding inventory”, as robust sales CRM system apps make it possible for them to access information about stock inventory, as well as manufacturing forecasts for out of stock items.

According to some, the outdoor, hunting and shooting and retail industry has been changing rapidly, and also immensely, in recent years and will continue to do so as more and more customers shop and fill out licensing applications online before they come into the actual, brick and mortar store to receive their firearms or shooting gear. In the digital marketplace of today, it is essential that sales reps understand the new landscape their retail clients are traversing and, by utilizing their own advanced systems and technology, assist their clients in adapting to the evolving needs of outdoor sporting goods consumers.



Ofer Kfir Loves to talk about technology & tools for sales people. Evangelist at WRNTY and the #1 user of SupeRep™! Father, a professional skier and traveller.

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Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
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