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March is around the corner, which means it’s almost time for BaselWorld 2016, the world’s ultimate event for luxury watches and jewelry. With close to 1,500 exhibitors expected this year, brands will be pulling out all the stops to attract customers, prospects, and distributors to their booths, then close business with a memorable buying experience at Baselworld 2016.

If you plan to be there, here are 10 brands to look out for. They’ll surely impress.

1. Hermès
The renowned French label’s pavilions are always architectural masterpieces. Last year, it was none other than top designer and Pritzker prize-winner, Toyo Ito that designed their booth. Also, if a regular Apple watch isn’t chic enough for you, check out their new Apple Watch Hermès. Pricey—but hey, it’s Hermès.

hermes - 10 Brands to Watch at Baselworld 2016

2. Bulgari

At less than 2mm, Bulgari’s Octo Finissimo has the world’s thinnest movement. This year, the Italian brand will be presenting its new Octo Ultranero (very black) series, which dramatically mix 18k pink gold and DLC black coatings.


3. Hamilton

Hamilton typically shows up with innovative products every year. This year they are displaying new frogman pieces for their Khaki navy-inspired line, a bold new dive watch and a cool woman’s watch that might also end up popular with the guys.

hamilton - 10 Brands to Watch at Baselworld 2016

4. Mondaine

Recognized the world over for the simplicity of their clean design, easy-to-read face, distinctive red seconds hands and absolute accuracy. Since the 1980's, the classic Mondaine Official Swiss Railways watch has been a staple of affordable good design. Mondaine was the first Swiss watchmaker to pioneer its own smartwatch, combining analog and digital technologies. It will be interesting to see the evolution of Mondaine’s smartwatch at Baselworld 2016.

mondaine - 10 Brands to Watch at Baselworld 2016

5. Rolex

If “bigger the better” is true, you can expect Rolex to once again be among the best at BaselWorld. Rolex consistently has one of the most beautiful displays at the show, always coming out with an innovative and unexpected design.

rolex - 10 Brands to Watch at Baselworld 2016

6. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe’s incredibly popular collection includes several stunning commemorative timepieces.  At last year’s Baselworld, they had the most talked-about watch, so we expect something exciting again this year. Their pavilion is also always very impressive.

patek - 10 Brands to Watch at Baselworld 2016

7. Luminox 

Previously reserved for the military, Luminox’s innovative illumination system means their watches are easy to read even in total darkness. They use a proprietary technology that features micro gas-lights which always glow, so there is no need to recharge them by a light source. Very cool.

luminox - 10 Brands to Watch at Baselworld 2016

8. Breguet

You won’t want to miss Breguet’s Crazy Haute Joaillerie watch. Fully set with more than 70 carats of baguette diamonds, it features 56 diamonds radiating from an 18-carat white gold case with a caseband set with more than 1,000 diamonds and an 18-carat gold bracelet paved with more than 200 diamonds.
breguet - 10 Brands to Watch at Baselworld 2016

9. Frederique Constant

One of our favorites is a unique timepiece that mixes classic and modern. The Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch provides time, date, MotionX activity tracking, sleeptracker, sleep cycle alarms and promises over 2 years of battery life. Data is fully accessible via an app installed on the wearer’s smartphone. Classic design molded with hi-tech.
frederique constant - 10 Brands to Watch at Baselworld 2016

10. Rado

On display at Rado’s pavilion this year, will be its recently-launched Centrix Open Heart, a skeletonized watch for women which displays a beating heart through an opening in the dial, whose shape is inspired by the moon.

rado - 10 Brands to Watch at Baselworld 2016

Whether you’ll be participating as an industry insider, collector, journalist or a fan of everything horological, these are brands that you shouldn’t — or in some cases can’t — miss for their spectacular displays, outstanding offerings, or both.

Look out for our post-Baselworld blog towards the end of March.


prepare-for-baselworld2 - 10 Brands to Watch at Baselworld 2016

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