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Baselworld 2017 is fast approaching. Where did the time go? It’s now just a few short weeks until March 23rd, the starting date of the biggest watch & jewelry show in the world.

Before you pack up and head over to Switzerland, here’s our essential checklist for preparing for your best Baselworld ever.

1. Have you got your pre-show hype covered?

The reality is, the show starts long before the actual show starts. Creating a buzz pre-show to making sure everyone knows you will be there can dramatically improve your chances of a successful show. First of all, an email marketing blast is a great starting point. In addition, reach out through social media, use special offers to entice new and old customers to your booth and don’t forget to mention new product launches. Use this as an opportunity to engage with existing customers pre-show. Let them know how much you value their business and arrange to meet them at the Baselworld.

2. Did you do your research?

Even if you are a Basel watch fair veteran, don’t be complacent. You need to do your homework to stay ahead of your competition. Gene up on everything to do with the show. Who will be exhibiting? What are your competitors planning for the show? Based on this information formulate your strategy. Knowledge is power. Finding out the demographics of the attendees will help you set your messaging and objectives for the show. Which brings us to ...

3. What are your objectives for Baselworld?

Without objectives, how will you gauge if the show was successful for you? A trade show like Baselworld is a huge investment. You need to be able to calculate whether it is worth the time, effort and money. Is your show ROI purely financial, based on sales at the show, or after-show sales or do you have a broader definition of success based on PR and brand awareness.

4. What’s the unwritten dress code?

In sales, your presentation is paramount. Look at past shows and photos to gauge what is and what is not appropriate attire for the event. European business attire is generally formal, especially at a show like Baselworld where the focus is high-end, luxury products. Better to be overdressed than underdressed but it could be that instead of following the crowd you want the attire of your booth staff to reflect your brand’s positioning?

5. Do you know the lingo?

Every industry has its jargon, make sure you are up to speed on technical terms, and any recent trends. It’s important that your knowledge matches and exceeds that of the attendees as they will be looking to you for expert advice. You must not only walk the walk but also talk the talk.

6.  Are you an expert on your product range?

Customers and potential customers look to you for guidance and advice when it comes to your own product range. All booth staff must be thoroughly familiar with your company products down to the smallest details. If your staff can’t display expert knowledge, then customers won’t have confidence in them. There is a simple solution - make sure you have pre-show training scheduled for anyone who will be representing you at the show.

7. What is good booth etiquette?

First and foremost, know how to work the booth. Pay attention to your posture, stance, and overall body language. Watch this TED talk about ‘power postures’ and how they change not only your physical stature, but your physiology and psychology, making you look and feel more self-assured. Exude confidence with your body language. A smartphone is a great distraction but put it away for the duration of the show. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone who is supposed to be engaging with visitors, constantly looking at their phone. In this setting it’s just plain rude. Likewise, chatting with coworkers while potential customers walk by is a big no-no.

8. Have you got the right mix of staff for your booth?

It takes all sorts and nowhere is that more true than at trade shows. You need hunters to bring in the traffic. These will be extroverts who are probably your most experienced sales people. They know how to engage people and quickly assess the needs and potential of their ‘catch’. On the flip side, are order takers who are highly organized and service oriented and know how to nurture a relationship with customers. Find out more on identifying your trade show ‘A’ team

9. Is your order management system up to the job?

Having a sales automation system in place can greatly improve your chances of a successful trade show. The days of pen and paper order-taking have long gone. Mobile sales software enables you to quickly and easily take orders in a fraction of the time of manual ordering, which means seeing more customers and taking more orders. Also you will be able to provide an improved customer experience resulting from less waiting time and a more efficient order taking process. Visitors also want to make the most of their show time and there's a lot to see. From your perspective, you’ve spent a lot of money exhibiting at Baselworld and you want to get the most out of it. The best sales automation software also includes stunning, e-catalog presentations which can help reinforce the luxury credentials of your brand.

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10. Do you have a follow up plan in place?

Finally, before you set foot in the show make sure you have an after-show plan. The business cards you take at the show will be critically important for after-show follow up or maybe you’re going hi-tech this year? Scanners can help you collect data on visitors and a mobile CRM can record details - name, phone number, email, company, notes and more. All this can make your after-show follow up a breeze and so much more effective.

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About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.