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2020 certainly has been an extremely challenging year…

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted sales processes for many organizations that relied heavily on offline and face-to-face interactions, accelerating digitalization processes as e-commerce has become an important way, if not the only way to keep sales going.

According to McKinsey1, 96% of the B2B organizations prioritized the digital channel during COVID-19, and 80% are likely to sustain these models for at least 12 months after COVID-19.

According to Gartner2, organizations can benefit from B2B commerce as it improves efficiency by reducing errors in order taking and processing. It also shortens the sales cycle by enabling customer self-service, and the use of these consumer-like selling and engagement models are expected to continue post-pandemic as they are as effective as the traditional ways of selling.


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In the recent IDC FutureScape series3, Jon Duke, VP of Research, IDC Retail Insights stated: “The pandemic has catalyzed changes in technology planning, accelerating critical investments. Those retailers with the capacity to invest and adopt a Commerce Everywhere business model will have a leadership advantage for years to come.”

Let customers self-serve anytime, anywhere

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a big surge in our customers’ demand for our B2B eCommerce solution. This makes a lot of sense as e-Commerce is becoming the preferred way to keep sales going.

Pepperi B2B eCommerce allows your customers to order 24/7 directly from your own website, portal or mobile app. Using it, you can provide your retailers, convenience stores and hospitality customers (HoReCa) a branded storefront app and a web portal from which they can easily order goods from you, wherever they may be, in or out of the store. In addition, you can manage different catalogs with different price lists, promotions and more, delivering a differentiated self-service experience. And lastly, you can understand what’s happening across your online and in-person channels: buying trends, sell-through, promotions performance and more.

Customers choose Pepperi not only for our omni-channel approach to B2B sales, but also for our platform’s flexibility. Empowering CPG brands and wholesalers to quickly respond to changing market conditions, Pepperi combines sales force automation, retail execution and B2B eCommerce. Catalogs, price lists, trade promotions, customers and users are all managed in one place to support all your B2B commerce activities.

Don’t get left behind by your competitors! Give your customers the flexibility to order from you themselves, whenever they are ready.

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