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Who wouldn’t like a trip to California? Well if you’re free at the end of October (October 23 – 25 to be precise) and are a B2B wholesaler or distributor you might want to book your flight and take part in the upcoming Biz.One conference.

SAP Business One offers B2B wholesalers and distributors business management software to streamline key processes, from accounting and wholesale CRM to supply chain management and purchasing.

The topics covered at the conference will include reporting, finance & accounting, inventory, sales & marketing, innovation and manufacturing and operations. The information will be presented in the form of workshops, tutorials and talks. There will the opportunity to learn best business practices from your peers and to provide feedback from your own experiences of using SAP.

Pepperi at the Biz.One Conference

Pepperi’s customer Ram Products will hold a talk in which it will share its experience with Pepperi (25 October, 10.55am). Ram Products is a leader in the MRO parts industry and offers a wide selection of repair and maintenance products and services. As Ram Products grew, it became clear that their ERP was missing the flexibility and features that they needed. With 19 mobile warehouses in eight states, Ram Products was looking for a solution that would be fully available to their team in the field – online and offline.

After benchmarking several solutions, it became clear that the strength and flexibility of SAP Business One HANA, combined with Pepperi’s mobile B2B commerce platform, was the right solution.

By using Pepperi, Ram Products’ mobile warehouses now have full access to their ERP data, online and offline. Their orders taken in the field are recorded in the ERP and the inventory per warehouse is tracked and always up-to-date

Ofer, will discuss how Pepperi and SAP Business One are working together to provide Ram Products with exactly the solution they need to improve their business.

The key business benefits of the SAP B2B mobile sales software and Pepperi include:

  • Supporting business growth with a strong and flexible ERP
  • Full mobile access, online and offline, for teams in the field
  • Management gaining full insight and control over sales operations

What will you gain?

So…if you’re interested in learning tips and tricks from other wholesalers and distributors, then the Biz.One conference is for you.

You will have a fantastic opportunity to network with 500 other B2B companies and learn everything there is to know about the latest B2B order management system technology solutions.

Find out more about BizOne here



About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.