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Facebook is vigorously working on improving the user experience. This is primarily done through changing the layout and adding new features. The most recent change to Facebook has revamped the way News Feeds are presented to users and placed a focus on images. While these changes appear to be primarily for social users, businesses can benefit as well.

Bigger ads

The new interface of Facebook has made all of the content on a user’s page bigger and more noticeable. This applies to images, feeds, and even ads! Facebook recently added the ability for advertisers to create “Feed Ads” that appear in the user’s news feed. Because of the changes to their layout, the images in these ads will appear larger and stand out more than the small thumbnails that were previously used.

The old positioning of ads made it very easy for users to overlook them which resulted in lower Click Thru Rates and subsequently making advertisers pay more for each ad that was clicked (cost per click). The new layout will give businesses an opportunity to have their advertisements stand out more, which will increase the likelihood of users clicking them.

Image driven content

The change to Facebook’s layout was partially influenced by the rapid growth of the popular image-sharing sites Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest and Instagram were able to show the power of rich visual content for businesses. This shift towards image based content presents a great opportunity for businesses to visually represent their company and catch the attention of Facebook users.

In the newly created “Following” feed, users will be able to strictly see the feeds of Pages that they follow or subscribe to. This means businesses no longer have to compete with the top news stories or updates from a user’s friends. The change has made it more important than ever for businesses to use images to catch the user’s eye and entice them to click for more information.

A new challenge for businesses

Because Facebook is making the content posted by users more prominent, businesses will have to work harder to ensure the photos and stories they share are of the highest quality. Low resolution, pixelated images will not draw the same attention as a high definition image with vibrant colors and a catchy headline.

Facebook Home

Another new feature Facebook has rolled out is called Facebook Home. Facebook Home offers a new home screen layout for Android phones and replaces the native home screen with “Cover Feeds”. This change has not had an immediate effect on businesses, but the possibilities for mobile advertising are very intriguing.

The major attraction for Facebook advertising is access to their enormous database of user information. Advertisers can already segment who their ads are shown to on the basis of age, education level, hobbies, and other criteria collected by Facebook. Facebook Home introduces the possibility to show mobile ads according to a user’s location in real time as well. For instance, a local jewelry store could have their ads pop up on Facebook Home whenever a user is within 10 miles of the store. 

Facebook’s redesign presents some new challenges, but also many new opportunities for businesses. The companies and advertisers who can adapt to the new content focused layout will be able to get amazing results.



Kfir Bar-Levav started out as a sales rep in 1995 and since then has acquired extensive entrepreneurship skills and sales experience as a result of working in the field and managing the sales teams of leading international fashion and luxury brands. Kfir founded WRNTY Ltd. in 2006 and today serves as VP of Business Development.

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Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.