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Our customers (yes, you) told us that they want to do more with their Pepperi solution. They are correct – there is so much you can do with Pepperi!

So this is the first “Tip of the Week”: our new way of sharing with you, our customers, tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of Pepperi.

So… this week we want to share with you some things you can do with  Pepperi’s in-order alerts and fixes – they save time, prevent errors, and will make you and your reps look super professional!

With in-order alerts and fixes, you can alert your sales reps to quantity errors they may make when ordering items before they actually submit the order. Also, Pepperi can auto-fix or alert the rep about incorrect case quantities, minimum quantities, and out-of-stock quantities.

This saves valuable time, speeds up order processing, and reduces time wasted on field-office communications.

Here’s how it works:

When placing an order, reps may enter quantities that are not in-line with the case quantities or stock availability for each item.

Pepperi can auto-fix these mistakes in real time - preventing errors and saving order processing ping-pong.

For example, an erroneous quantity of 90 for items sold in 12-packs, can automatically be fixed to 96! Alternatively, “Mark in red” to flag the problem for the sales rep.

What about Pepperi Storefront and my B2B buyers?

This functionality is especially important in Pepperi Storefront, when customers are placing orders all on their own.  When a sales rep is not around to check an order, this becomes even more important. In-order alerts and fixes guarantees accurate quantities in self-service channel orders.

For step-by-step setup instructions see Sales Transaction Types Settings.

In-order auto-fixes and alerts are easy to configure


...and easy to use:

TIP OF THE WEEK: Prevent errors, auto-fix quantities using in-order alerts

About The Author

Merav Bitton
Merav Bitton
Merav has been working for Pepperi for 12 years and is Head of Pepperi's Knowledge Base.