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This month, we have launched our refreshed website – check it out at www.pepperi.com.

The new design emphasizes our unique approach of providing a single platform to address all B2B sales requirements for your field team, for your office staff and most important for your customers. A platform that is so flexible that it can deliver anything you might be dreaming of.

“Truths” we rediscovered

Over the past year, we started to reconsider our core positioning and held a series of discussions to examine if and what needed updating. This process helped us confirm a few core “truths” about Pepperi and our understanding of our customers’ needs -

  • As the market is moving from offline sales (face-to-face) to a mix of online/offline sales, brands and wholesalers need to adapt and embrace omnichannel.
  • B2B commerce is complex and unique for every customer. While there are many similarities, our customers operate differently, and to serve them well, our solutions must be shaped exactly as they need.
  • Flexibility is not a one-time requirement – markets are extremely competitive and dynamic. We must help our customers become agile for them to succeed. They must be able to constantly adapt on their own (without the need for custom development every time a change in sales processes is needed).
  • Brands require smart promotions that work across all channels in order to succeed, as in many segments the market is saturated and competition is extremely fierce.
  • Many processes are still manual or semi-manual and require better automation, be that during face-to-face or online B2B interactions - trade promotions, payment processes, commissions calculation etc.

Focusing our message

Once we had consolidated our ideas, we began to design our website and content. We wanted to make it easier for site visitors to understand what we do and how we can help them.

We prioritized the following four main qualities of Pepperi that reflect our approach to resolving our customer’s most challenging problems:

  • All-in-one Platform - sales force automation, eCommerce and retail execution, all managed on one platform – full-service and self-service, in-person and online. We believe this is the right way to enable high-performing omnichannel B2B sales.
  • Specifically made for catalog-centric B2B Sales – we offer an out-of-the-box solution, beautifully designed for easy ordering, trade promotions, and more
  • Unmatched flexibility - a ready-to-use, easily configurable product that supports the unique and ever-changing needs of brands and wholesalers
  • Inherently Mobile - native apps coupled with auto-synced logic and data, provide field teams with unparalleled offline capabilities

In support of the above, we updated our solution pages, emphasizing further our focus on omnichannel B2B sales with the addition of the omnichannel manager page. We consolidated and added content about our platform capabilities, available via the “platform” menu.

We have also tried to make it clear throughout the website, that we see the roles of sales reps, merchandisers and van drivers slowly converging – reps are also preforming store audit activities, van drivers do not only deliver products, but also sell from their “mobile warehouse” and so on.

Finally, a fresh coat of paint was applied.

What’s next?

B2B commerce is always evolving and changing, and we want our website to reflect how our company and platform is moving with industry changes. This is still work in progress, more to come so watch this space…

What do you think of our new look so far? If you have any thoughts on what’s missing or anything more that you’d like to see on our website, please reach out and drop us a line. We are always happy to hear from you.

About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.