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Since posting our partner success story in October 2016 our business with Pepperi has gone from strength to strength. We've experienced an impressive growth of over 70%.

In less than a year our Pepperi customers have grown from 35 to 62 today and we couldn't be happier!


yoni-sawransky"Pepperi is our door-opener for bringing in new business with existing and first-time clients.”  

Yoni Sawransky - Founder & CEO, IMR, SA

Six years ago I founded IMR, together with a talented and experienced team. Our vision was to take great ideas and find the right way to execute them in ever-changing business environments, hence the company’s name -- Ideas Make Reality.


Our consulting and integration firm primarily serves companies in Panama, one of the fastest growing economies worldwide, certainly in Central America, with a 5.9% annual growth forecasted for 2016, according to the World Bank.

In this landscape of opportunity, we set out to assist small and medium-sized consumer goods businesses in implementing innovative tools to better control and run their business activities.

Pepperi = IMR’s strategic relationship-building tool

When I first discovered Pepperi’s mobile sales platform 3 years ago, I immediately understood the need for this sales automation tool in Central America, and the revenue gain it could yield for consumer goods businesses throughout our region.

What I didn’t envision was that Pepperi would eventually become a vital relationship-building tool, garnering new business from our current SAP Business One customers, as well as attracting new SAP mobile sales clients – and even non-SAP customer – looking to boost sales productivity.

To date, IMR has sold Pepperi to 35 accounts! It’s clearly been a door-opener for my team when consulting with both current and new clients on integrated business solutions that are designed to give companies the efficiencies they need to stay relevant and be competitive.

Product success = Resell success

Our experience with Pepperi has been positive all around. I’ll start with the fundamental reason we enjoy so much success in reselling Pepperi… it’s simply a terrific product. It delivers all that it promises to brands and wholesalers... it does what it’s supposed to do! Above and beyond, we’re able to show our clients that Pepperi has proven ROI. Some of our customers have increased sales with Pepperi by 15% and more, and even reduce operation cost. This immediately perks their interest and quickly leads to a more detailed conversation about the product’s offerings.

Pepperi also fills a gaping void in our local market. No other solution integrates field and online sales, distribution logistics, inventory management, invoicing, and payment collection from any mobile device, even when offline, and syncs with SAP and other accounting and inventory systems.  When we demo the Pepperi order management software, prospective clients instantly “get it” – they see the potential of reducing inefficiencies and increasing productivity.

Quick & affordable implementation = Shortened sales cycles

We’re really pleased with how fast we’ve been able to implement Pepperi’s software for our clients, and how easily it integrates with SAP Business One and other ERP’s. In the world of implementation, Pepperi installations are largely hassle-free, and any contact with Pepperi support is always helpful.

It’s clear that Pepperi is fully committed to IMR’s success with our clients, and any support we require is immediately available with timely and professional problem-solving. Quick implementation translates to shortened sales cycles with minimal technical follow-up, a huge plus for IMR’s bottom line.

Partner Prosperity

Pepperi has definitely been instrumental in building relationships with our clients and expanding our audience. When our clients have a positive experience with Pepperi, their confidence in our work increases, and our credibility with our clients is heightened.

We’re here to help our clients leverage tools to gain competitive edge in their markets. Gaining this trust is key to IMR’s success in our continued goal of providing clients with the best and most appropriate solutions. Pepperi is a true partner in helping us help our clients so their businesses thrive.

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About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.