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Take this quick quiz to find out if your mobile sales app really is the perfect match for you and your business.

Make a note of your answers and count up your score at the end to see if you've found your perfect match!

1. Is it easy to use?

a. Very easy, it virtually does my work for me and has hugely reduced how long I spend taking an order.

b. I can’t work out which buttons to press to do the simplest task.

c. I can take orders but get stuck on other tasks.

2. Can it work offline?

a. I can access customer information and take notes, but anything a bit more elaborate (such as applying discount rules or promotions) is not possible without connectivity.

b. I can carry on working without connectivity and perform most (if not all) of my tasks. I know everything will be saved and synced once the connection is re-established.

c. I can’t do any work unless I have a reliable Wifi or cellular connection.

3. Can your app cope with sales across multiple currencies and geographies?

a. I am constantly Googling currency conversions to work out how much a deal would be in another country.

b. The IT guys are telling me it’s on the roadmap, as it requires recoding parts of our system.

c. I sell to international markets every day and my B2B sales app adjusts according to the relevant language, currency and tax system.

4. Can you adjust pricing by customer?

a. No. I have an excel spreadsheet that I use to look up each customer’s individual pricing.

b. I rely on my customers to tell me. ?

c. Yes. Every customer on my app has their own unique pricing set up for us both to see.

5. Does your mobile sales app integrate with your ERP?

a. Yes. I have a two-way integration to my ERP so I know that the data I see is accurate and everything I do gets synced with my back-office.

b. Information from my ERP gets pushed to my app once a day, however, orders I submit need to be reviewed by the office team who manually update the ERP.

c. What’s integration?

6. Is your mobile app a ‘native’ app

a. Not exactly – I open a browser and access our website.

b. Yes. I have native apps for both iOS and Android.

c. You mean where I was born?     

7. Can you access other sales tools (eg: CRM, retail execution etc.) from the same app?

a. I have one mobile sales app on which I take orders. All the rest is done manually.

b. I use one sales platform incorporating retail execution, mobile order taking , CRM and route accounting on a single app. All are managed from a single console (even my B2B eCommerce site).

c. I take orders on my B2B sales app and can check customer data on my CRM app. My merchandisers have another app and my van drivers have yet another one. What a nightmare…

8. How adaptable is your sales tool?

a. I have to speak to our IT team to get anything changed in the app. It takes days or weeks for changes to happen and it often means releasing a new app version.

b. I can easily re-configure practically anything in the app – e-catalogs, pricing, promotions, business workflows, rules and much more. The added bonus is I don’t have to release new app versions and force an update – it all gets applied immediately at the push of a button.

c. I can’t make any changes to the app on my own – any changes mandate a new project with my supplier.

9. Does it help you sell more?

a. I can show them more items in the e-catalog – that will surely get them to buy more… won’t it?

b. I rely on sticky notes in my car telling me what they bought last time.

c. Because I have total visibility of my customers’ previous sales history, what they ordered online on their own, and which other rep visited them, I have the perfect opportunity to up-sell at every visit and provide guidance.

10. Do you feel it improves your customer service?

a. My app provides the basic information for me to answer customer queries.

b. My B2B sales app enables me to act more like a business consultant.

c. I have to call the office to answer the majority of customers’ questions.

Now count up your points:

  1. a - 3                       b - 1                       c - 2
  2. a - 2                       b - 3                       c - 1
  3. a - 1                       b - 2                       c - 3
  4. a - 2                       b - 1                       c - 3
  5. a - 3                       b - 2                       c - 1
  6. a - 2                       b - 3                       c - 1
  7. a - 1                       b - 3                       c - 2
  8. a - 2                       b - 3                       c - 1
  9. a - 2                       b - 1                       c - 3
  10. a - 2                       b - 3                       c - 1


How did you score?

25-30 points: You have found the perfect match! It sounds like your mobile sales app gives you everything you need

16 – 24 points: The honeymoon is over, reality has sunk in… it's not exactly the way you imagined things. Is it time to look for something else?

15 points or less: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this doesn’t sound like you are meant to last. There are plenty more options out there – time to break it off.

About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.