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The FMCG market is highly saturated and hugely competitive. Brands and wholesale distributors selling to retailers, hospitality / HORECA businesses other companies, face many challenges, as B2B customers make new demands and have higher expectations from their suppliers. One of the most pressing challenges is how to deliver products quickly and correctly.

How can DSD route accounting software help you serve your customers more efficiently? What are the specific features you need?

Plan activities

Quick delivery is especially important for FMCG companies that often sell food or perishable goods. To help your delivery staff deliver faster and more efficiently, use a route accounting application to schedule activities and prioritize them based on various business criteria.

DSD route accounting software should integrate with a mobile route planner app such as Google Maps or Waze to help your route staff minimize driving time and maximize the number of stops they make.

Monitor drivers

Route accounting software includes GPS tracking, geo-fencing and time-stamped activities. Sales, operations and fleet managers will always be in control and assured their route staff are adhering to planned routes.

Manage and track inventory

A van delivering products is essentially a warehouse on wheels. You must stock it properly and keep an eye on inventory to meet customer demand. A DSD app provides access to up-to-date inventory information so drivers and managers never sell on-site an item that’s out of stock.

Mobile order taking

Following on from access to stock levels, route staff also need real-time information about products and customers. When your route accounting app is integrated with a mobile order taking app, route staff can expand their role into selling, quickly see product information as well as previous customer sales history and instantaneously place orders.

Merchandising and in-store activities

Combining retail execution software on the same sales platform means your route staff can carry out retail audit tasks while out in the field. They can perform retail audits, optimize shelf space and even replenish goods while they’re out delivering.

Mobile CRM

It’s not just an e-catalog that will help them sell more. Integrating your route accounting software with a mobile CRM app will provide route staff with a 360° view of customers including orders, invoices, payments, debt, credit, returns and more. They can build on existing customer relationships, increase orders and more.

Proof of delivery

Delivery staff shouldn’t be the only ones keeping track of product deliveries. If managers aren’t monitoring staff activities, deliveries can quickly become disorganized and behind schedule. In addition, customers want confirmation of delivery.

DSD route accounting software ensures route staff can collect automated delivery confirmations through signature capture, photos, and GPS coordinates which managers can then see in real-time for monitoring and compliance purposes.

Payment collection

Integrate with electronic payment gateways to collect payments directly out in the field. The ease of processing e-payments will mean your accounting or back office staff won’t need to contact customers for credit card information or chase them for collection.

Offline capability

With drivers always out in the field, they must have mobile sales apps that work offline for when the internet connection is down or unreliable.

True offline capability means business logic and rules can be applied offline, so your team can sell and serve your customers without interruptions. Once internet connection is re-established, the app seamlessly syncs with your back-office, meaning transactions, activities and data can be processed and your ERP automatically updated.


About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.