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Sales reps are constantly under pressure to meet targets and objectives, speed up customer visits and stay on top of order taking and fulfillment.

Fear is their biggest enemy 😱 – fear of underachieving, fear of not meeting sales goals and fear of not having the right information at hand to close a sale.

Ensure your reps don’t arrive at their customer locations like a zombie 🧟‍♂️ – fully arm them 🔫 with information from the mobile CRM regarding order and credit history, accounts payable and inventory.

With Pepperi, you can be confident that your reps have all the latest information regarding your product catalog, pricing 💰and stock levels.

Reps can be confident they are not making sales mistakes with their ability to see customer credit and debts – used by Pepperi’s ‘Business Rules’ 📏 engine to automatically limit a customer’s ordering capability.

Sales reps don’t need to feel alone in the field. Pepperi is like having a personal guide 🦮 with them at all times. It enables reps to move through the sales process with ease, intelligently handling orders, replenishments and returns – with all the information ℹ they need at their fingertips.

With Pepperi, cross-selling and upselling is a breeze! Pop-up notifications 💬 remind the rep to encourage customers to take full advantage of trade promotions especially tailored to them 👚.

And finally, Pepperi will never leave you! If reps are visiting a customer and there is no network connection ⚡– no problem – Pepperi works offline and syncs back later when connection becomes available again.

So turn your sales team from ghosts 👻 to sales demons 👿 – and make a killing 🗡 with Pepperi’s omnichannel B2B Sales Platform.

And now with Covid-19, if your reps are finding it harder to get out into the field and meet customers, bring your catalogs to them with Pepperi’s self-service B2B e-Commerce platform which enables your customers to directly place orders at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Find out more, by taking a demo of our platform.

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