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Getting email notification right is key to effectively completing the sales cycle. You want the right people to be notified when orders are submitted, photos are taken, reports are written, etc. This will assure both your customers and reps that their orders are in fact being processed and that they can refer back to them as needed.

Fun Pepperi fact: We send more than 170,000 email notifications on behalf of our customers every month!

Many of you are already using Pepperi’s basic email notification when a Transaction/Activity is submitted or changes status. You have defined an email action in the Workflow, typed in the hard-coded email addresses and selected which file type (typically PDF) should be attached. Sales reps get an email by default with a PDF, customers get one too (if you checked that box).

BAM! Your email notification is done. Or is it?

What about

…Dynamic email addresses that change when the target recipient changes?

…Notifying specific catalog managers when brands are ordered from their catalogs?

…Emailing multiple manufacturers the products ordered from them so they can begin production?

…Allowing reps to enter an email address for the target recipient on the fly when submitting an activity or transaction?

…Allowing your B2B self-service channel users to enter additional email addresses to receive order copies?

…Sending notifications from your own email server, so From/Reply to fields are your own company and not Pepperi’s?

Using Pepperi's dynamic email notifications you can do all of the above!

Here’s how it works:

Create custom Email fields (TSA) for each Account or Catalog, set values for them and use them for notification of Transactions and Activities.

For dynamic notifications by catalog or brand you need to create a custom field of type Email under Catalog Fields.

For dynamic notifications by customer, or to allow reps/buyers to enter a value on the fly for an email address you need to create a custom field of type Email under Account Fields.

Once the custom fields are created, they will get their value from either the Account information imported to Pepperi or you can add them to the layout of any form in Pepperi and the rep/buyer will enter a value on the form itself.

You'll no longer have to type in hard coded email addresses in the workflow email action.

In addition, you may send all Pepperi notifications from your own email server. This takes minutes to configure, for details: Setting your own SMTP server to send Pepperi email notifications

Can I add the same kinds of dynamic notifications for my merchandising activities, such as visit reports, photos, surveys, and others?

Sure! All of the above applies to notification for Activities as well. For details on Activities Workflow: Activities Setup and Workflow.

Example of Account custom email field:

Now let’s walk through an example of setting up an Account custom email field that can be used in Transaction workflow (or in any form whereby the rep can fill in an email address) in the Pepperi app.

For more examples you can see the full article in our knowledge base: Configure dynamic Email Notification fields

Create a Custom Email Field

Go to the Settings -> Accounts -> Fields

Add a custom field(s) of type Email. Give it a Field name and a Field API Name. The Field API Name is how you will later refer to it in the email recipient definition. Add as many custom email fields as you will need for notifications.

The "TSA" is hard coded and cannot be removed from the name.


IMPORTANT: Make sure you assign values for this custom email field for each account when importing your Accounts Excel file (or via automatic integration if Pepperi is integrated with your ERP).

Go to the "Fields" tab of the Transaction Type, open the Account fields section. Make sure the field is active, if it is grey, then simply click the plus sign to the right to activate it.


For Transactions workflow go to Settings -> Sales Activities -> Transaction Types -> Workflow tab

Add (or Edit an existing) "Email" action and enter the field(s) API name(s) exactly as copied from the Account Fields in the To/cc/bcc.

Remember that the subject and message body can be configured to your specifications using our templates (for details see Sales Transaction Workflow configuration).

Effective completion of the sales cycle using dynamic email notifications

From now on, the email address for this recipient will be taken from the values updated in your Accounts data - instead of you having to go into every Transaction or Activity Workflow and individually update the email address when an employee is replaced, or when an additional recipient is required.

How can I add this field to a form for a sales rep or B2B self-service buyer for them to be able to enter the address themselves?

Simply edit the relevant form for the profile (rep, buyer, or other) and include the field, making sure NOT to mark it as ‘Read only’.

Go to Settings -> Transaction Types -> Edit the Transaction Type used by buyers

Go to Views and Forms -> Header -> Header Form

Add the custom Email field you created to the form, and give it a meaningful title.

Make sure it’s NOT marked as read only. If the buyer doesn’t enter an email on the form, the current value from the Account data will be used.


About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.