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Using line-item custom fields on the Pepperi cart allows you to add important information to the order on the line-item level. You can add a custom line-item field, such as a delivery date, a reason for return or a line-item remark.

Once implemented, sales reps can fill in the important additional line-item information at the time of the order. The values entered can then be displayed on the order PDF and integrated to your ERP system.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Add a delivery date per item
  • Add a line-item text remark
  • Add a line-item dropdown menu with predefined options, such as the reasons for returning an item
  • Add an additional dimension to an item (other than color or size already supported in the matrix) – for example a shoe width, what kind of logo to print on a shirt, what kind of greeting message to include or any other you may require.

How to add a line-item custom field

The line-item fields on the cart are added as custom fields. Go to the Transaction Type Fields tab and click "Add Custom Field" to create a line-item custom field.

Make sure to add this custom field to the Cart Grid View layout and the Cart PDF layout, positioning it as one of the columns in the item table. For details on how to add this see: Customize the Cart.

Add a custom field of type text, date, number, multi-choice, drop-down, etc.

If you add a multi-choice or drop-down type field, add the choices that should be made available (type a newline/Enter between each choice):



On the shopping cart, reps just need to select from your predefined reasons for return, enter text, date, etc. depending on the field type.




How to add a line-item delivery date

For a delivery date, simply add Pepperi’s line-item Delivery Date field to the cart layout. This is a field that comes out of the box with Pepperi in the Transaction Type fields. Make sure it’s active and add it to the Cart Grid View.



You may pre-load values for the delivery date per item, display them in the cart and sales reps can modify the value (as long as you don’t mark it as read only):


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