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If you surf, you’ve heard of Rip Curl. And if you don’t but have ever visited a sports gear store, you’ve no doubt seen their logo.

Rip Curl is a world-leading brand of surfing sportswear as well as a major athletic sponsor, with manufacturing and sales facilities around the globe. Its dynamic line of products ranges from wetsuits and surfboards to apparel, accessories, watches, mountain wear and footwear.

When Rip Curl’s European division decided it was time to adopt a new sales solution, they knew it had to be tablet-based and leading edge, in line with the company’s global leadership position and brand image. They would not compromise on anything less than excellent for their sales team. Also, it has to replace their existing self-service ordering portal and work from a single sales platform.

Rip Curl needed a solution to speed up and simplify order-taking and to reduce the sales team’s administrative workload so that they could focus on sales. They wanted it to be flexible, intuitive and user friendly. It also had to integrate with their back office BI and ERP systems and provide relevant graphic information to both sales management and sales reps so that they could make informed decisions.

Their wish-list also included the ability to consolidate all of their sales solutions under one provider, so that the IT team would have a single point of contact.

On top of this, Rip Curl had a long list of requirements inherent in running a large,multinational enterprise that specialized in fashion.

Large multinational enterprise
Serving the entire continent, Rip Curl Europe’s team of about 70 sales reps visits customers in several countries, presenting products in different languages and currencies with different prices and sales terms.

With complex, ever-changing workflows, the company wanted to be able to set and manage complicated forecasts (per rep, division, etc.) based on historical data, and then monitor progress against those targets.

Finally, sales managers should view and manage only the reps in their jurisdiction. Consequently, the system had to support user hierarchy and roles.

Diversified fashion manufacturer and distributor
For Rip Curl, each season requires its own catalog and each catalog has its own lifecycle, starting off as pre-season ordering and then moving to post-season clearance.

Some items are available in different size scales and need to be presented in a meaningful way both on the screen and in the various sales documents. From presentation to printing, products need to be grouped correctly.

Reps should be able to show videos and presentations offline, so as to never miss an opportunity to promote products and educate retailers, regardless of the quality of their WiFi connection.

Other must-haves included the ability to assign multiple delivery dates (per order and per line); split orders and styles into different delivery dates; and verify availability dates.

Two silo sales solutions
Rip Curl had been running is field sales solution separately from its self-service solution for its customers. This meant they had to maintain two integrations, and train and manage two separate back offices. It was difficult to administer and to carry a consistent message across the two sales channels. Furthermore, the field sales reps had no visibility of the self-service platform.

Rip Curl wanted one platform to manage all their sales channels and to enable their field sales reps to access their customers’ self-ordering as part of their regular workflow.

Rip Curl had already researched commercial sales ordering solutions and compiled a short list of four providers by the time Pepperi was introduced into the picture. After carefully comparing the different capabilities of the five contenders, towards the end of 2013 they selected Pepperi sales rep app because it was the only solution that addressed all their key needs. At that time, Pepperi supported most of the capabilities Rip Curl needed.

Over the next few weeks, Pepperi’s product team worked closely with Rip Curl’s IT staff to develop the remaining features so they would have the complete solution they sought.

Subsequent to its successful implementation of Pepperi Mobile Sales software, Rip Curl adopted Pepperi’s self-service storefront, to enable its retailers to place orders directly, 24x7.

With Pepperi Mobile Sales platform, Rip Curl has:

  • Stunning product presentation
  • Multiple catalogs for different seasons, collections, countries, currencies, prices and sales terms
  • Fast, simple order-taking with dedicated modules for the fashion industry, including matrix to order by size and color, prepacks, mix and match, and different size scales
  • Offline videos and presentations
  • Platform that is operating system agnostic, supporting iOS, Android, and Windows 10
  • Fully functional offline mode meaning that internet connectivity is never an issue
  • Flexible pricing and promotion management
  • 4 levels of hierarchy for users
  • Product availability dates
  • Tight and automatic integration (including images per variant)
  • Target and forecast management, with statistics and charts: Correlated with the hierarchy, Separate target per season, Dashboards for target vs actual sales
  • Secured self-service portal for their retailers to place orders

“We were looking for an innovative sales solution and Pepperi was the game-changer,” says Wilco Prins, CEO of Rip Curl Europe.

“It lets our sales team reflect the image we want to present and at the same time, close more orders efficiently in the field,” says Yann Tschumi, Sales Director.

Laurence Rinaldi, IT Manager at Rip Curl, adds: “When we saw Pepperi’s deep knowledge of fashion wholesale we realized that we would be dealing with a partner, not just another vendor. Their expertise is a huge plus for us.”


Rip Curl is known internationally for its professionalism and high quality products. Pepperi sales rep app, with its advanced product presentation and cutting edge mobile order taking capabilities, has further enhanced the company’s image and customer satisfaction.

The app has cut the team’s administrative tasks to a minimum, allowing them to concentrate on building relationships with customers and educating them on Rip Curl’s latest offerings.

With Pepperi , Rip Curl has consolidated its sales rep app and B2B sales portal under one provider. “It gives us a lot of flexibility and enables us to control our sales process. That’s a big advantage because it means our IT team has a single point of contact,” adds Rinaldi. “We set a host of complex benchmarks for a sales solution and Pepperi was the only one who could meet them all.”

About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.