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"It will revolutionize what we do!"
Trent Harrison, COO, Wolfchester Australia



We are Wolfchester Australia based in Melbourne, Australia. We're an automotive industrial consumables wholesaler. We have approximately 13 000 items and a few thousand customers in our range. We sell to retail and business to business. 

We were previously using Handshake, I've been using that for about four years. We are through our sales team,  so we've got, we've picked the middle tier  so we've got the SAP B1 integration.

We're going to be doing  the b2b ecommerce website which about going from Handshake to Pepperi. Was easy no problem at all. To replicate what we had on handshake was was very simple, even the importing side of it is so fast, even as simple as updating your inventory on a daily basis is so quick. There is obviously a hundred more options available through Pepperi over what Handshake did.

Handshake was very basic  and on you know you couldn't change anything from what your out of the box product. It is very very different situation with Pepperi in terms of what you can and can't change.

The biggest thing that we have noticed over Pepperi sorry Pepperi over Handshake is that the configuration side of it is virtually unlimited, the changes you can make even right down to changing a view based upon your rep so each rep can look at the app in a different way. It's amazing, i haven't found any  limitations yet. You know even little things like forcing a sync so you're sometimes you're relying on your reps to do syncs but you as an android customer you have the ability to set us a sync schedule.

Also there's the ability to go and have a Wolfchester branded app which gives huge  advantages for our customers not only our retail customers but our also our business to business customers who can look up all of their sales history, their invoices, their accounts all in one place.

It willl revolutionize what we do, yeah it's certainly not even in the same ballpark as what Handshake was and another big thing about  Pepperi is to bring your own device. We can view our B2B storefront via iPhone apps or android apps completely in our own branding which will be look really really nice.

About Wolfchester Australia
Founded in 2006 Wolfchester has become one of Australia's preferred Suppliers of Automotive & Industrial Consumables.

Through their direct sales team and distributor network, Wolfchester products are seen in all states and territories of Australia.

Wolfchester products are of the highest quality and are sourced both locally and internationally.
About Pepperi
Accelerate growth, reduce overhead & improve transparency by connecting your field sales and e-Commerce on a single, flexible, enterprise-grade platform.
Pepperi is a Cloud-based B2B sales platform used by leading brands and wholesale distributors (including SodaStream, Dermalogica, FGXI, Hallmark & Rip Curl) to connect all B2B sales touch points, to deliver a seamless purchasing experience.

We empower our customers to sell bigger, smarter and faster, by integrating B2B eCommerce, sales force automation, retail execution, and route-accounting on a single, highly flexible platform, that runs natively on all mobile devices.

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