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With 75% of B2B buyers preferring to buy online, you will be missing out on sales if you don't have a B2B mobile eCommerce solution. Besides sales it gives you an additional opportunity to directly communicate with your customers and provide added value for them. 

So what are some of the benefits?

1. Your customers can serve themselves

As the B2B buyer becomes younger and more
accustomed to technology, they’re opting for the omnichannel approach more and
more. They’re looking for choice and to be in control of how they buy. They
want to buy “their way” on the sales channels they prefer.  

If your orders come in from a range of
different channels, a B2B platform to manage all your orders in one place is a
necessity. Part of this platform will include mobile eCommerce. The benefits of
this in an omnichannel context are numerous, but most importantly it allows you
to speed up the sales, ordering and fulfillment process for customers, leading
to a quicker and more efficient service.

Additionally, B2B mobile eCommerce offers you
more brand exposure, consequently attracting new customers as a result.

2. Your customers can purchase when and where they want

Your customers are too busy to sit down at
their desk and place orders. They spend their time running around the store,
checking inventory levels, restocking items and helping customers.

A mobile B2B eCommerce solution gives them the
ability to place orders shelf-side as they’re walking sales floors. They can easily
access your product e-catalog and purchase history for a quick re-order. The
can even use their smartphone or tablet to scan
barcodes and add items to the order. Mobility makes all the difference.

3. Lower costs and improved field-rep productivity

A recent report by Forrester says omnichannel B2B buyers generate more incremental revenue and cost less to serve than single-channel customers.

With a mobile eCommerce platform providing retail
buyers access to your product catalog and detailed information about product specifications,
there will be less demand for sales rep visits, with customers literally serving
themselves. Since sales processes are automated, human error is practically
eliminated – also saving costs and improving customer satisfaction.

This will not only provide them better service
and lower costs but will free your sales reps time to focus on more important
tasks – be that developing a more meaningful relationship with key accounts,
promoting new products and special offers, or maybe even performing retail
execution tasks to improve your success at the shelf.

4. Improved customer service

We’ve already mentioned how a B2B eCommerce
platform will increase the speed and ease at which your customers can order.

Taking it a step further, a mobile eCommerce
platform will help you personalize your offers and improve the customer
experience. Offer your retailers product catalogs relevant to them, with their
own specific pricing and terms. Create personalized promotion and discounts to
drive sales to specific customers.

5. Facilitates company growth grow

If your business is ready to scale, but your
ordering process is not, it will greatly hold you back. Slow fulfillment times,
overworked staff, and bad customer service experiences resulting from
inadequate order processes will bring your growth to a screeching halt.

To set yourself up for success, a cloud-based B2B
mobile eCommerce solution will offload many of the mundane tasks sales reps and
office staff need to perform. Not only will automation help you scale, but you
will benefit from the flexible nature of a cloud-based solution, so you can
scale your system as business grows.

About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.