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WRNTY has kicked off a unique initiative to help wholesalers and distributors benchmark Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


KPIs are strategic tools that track today’s behavior and shed light on tomorrow’s sales, providing an objective form of measurement that allows a glimpse into your future — before it’s too late to change direction or solve any issues within your organization. A key ingredient towards gauging business health and achieving sustainable excellence is benchmarking your KPIs to those of your competitors. Unfortunately, for wholesalers and distributors, benchmark data is very hard to find.

As an industry leader, WRNTY is well-positioned to fill the void and provide this elusive information. Over the last couple of years, our SaaS CRM system has built up a comprehensive database on the various parameters that affect sales reps, which can provide enlightening insights for wholesalers and distributors.

Based on this data and the expertise we have amassed from processing millions of orders with our catalog presentation, order taking and CRM solution, we are planning to release a Sales Rep Benchmark Report which will enable our customers to benchmark their performance with other companies in their industry. The following are examples of the type of valuable KPI information that will be included in our report: 


As a first step, we launched a Sales Rep Benchmarks Survey. The final report will be based on the findings of the survey and our accumulated data, and will be available free of charge to survey participants towards the end of Q1.

To participate in WRNTY's exciting initiative, fill out our (completely anonymous) short survey.

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About The Author

Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.